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About Lakeview Hotels & Resorts

Lakeview Hotels & Resorts was founded in 1964 as Lakeview Developments by Mr. Jack Levit. The company began as a development firm responsible for many high-rise projects across North America. Since the mid 1980’s, Lakeview has become one of the leading hotel operators in Canada.

Manitoba’s largest hotel company

Lakeview has developed more than 20 hotels, including the Delta in downtown Winnipeg and several Sheraton hotels. Lakeview currently owns or manages more than 18 hotel properties of its own, Lakeview Hotels & Resorts and several restaurants across Canada. These include select-service, full-service, and beautiful resort properties, each with fantastic service and thoughtful amenities. For our simply inviting hospitality, look for one of these brands.

The Grand Winnipeg Airport Hotel by Lakeview
The Blue Marble Restaurant & Lounge
Ichiban Japanese Steak House