A diverse portfolio, a hard-working team, and over 50 years of expertise.

Dedicated to the effective management of properties in the hospitality sector.

At Lakeview Management, we strive for the effective execution of hotel and restaurant management every day. We take care of many operational and marketing functions so our managers can focus on delivering a top-quality experience for our guests. With a diverse portfolio of expertise spanning more than half a century, Lakeview Management is well-rounded in it’s capabilities.


years of development & management expertise

properties owned, managed, or franchised under our brands

in managed assets

An efficient, streamlined operation that puts guests first.

Our agents are available 24 hours a day to take reservations for all properties managed in the lakeview portfolio via toll-free line. They employ the same best-in-class booking system that handles online reservations at LakeviewHotels.com.

Our own home-grown brands.

Our managed properties leverage the buying power and brand recognition of the Lakeview name. We’ve built the Lakeview Hotels & Resorts umbrella from the ground up, and have seen fantastic success managing our brands since 1991. We’ve also taken on management of many other hotel flags over the years, such as our Four Points by Sheraton properties.

Second-to-none sales & marketing support

With a professional sales team dedicated to our mission, and our own in-house marketing department supporting them, Lakeview represents its managed properties in a consistent, professional way that yields great results.

Join the Lakeview family

If you’re an independent hotelier, or looking for managerial support, consider flagging your property as a Lakeview, so you can focus on what’s most important, your guests.